View Full Version : Does a jan. 05 WD800 8mb still have warranty coverage?

10-10-06, 06:58 PM
Anybody know off hand how long the WD warranty lasts?

With all the crazy pc things i've done, I've never been around smoking hardware... Well this HDD in my brother's socketA rig must've taken a puff of something while I wasn't looking, and then... :p:p

10-10-06, 07:09 PM
If you have the serial number, you can do a search on WD's site to see when the warranty expires.

10-10-06, 07:13 PM
I know ed, I'm @ home, the hd's @ my brother's house, just wondered if anybody knew the standard warranty time... IIRC maxtor and hitachi had 2 yrs... I've never had a WD go on me...

For some reason I just KNEW you were going to quickly reply with a post like that... :p:p

10-10-06, 08:53 PM
It depends on the type of drive it is. If it's retail boxed, it has a 1-year warranty. If it's OEM, it's 3 years. That's why you need to check the serial. :p

10-10-06, 08:54 PM
OEM Newegg.

Cool ... z0rz

10-11-06, 05:08 PM
Never heard of a one year warranty in a hard drive. Anyway all OEM WD Caviar drives have at least 3 years warranty, enterprise drives (R) have 5 and all raptors have also 5.

10-11-06, 07:48 PM
Maxtor has only one year generally. :thumbdwn:

That's why all my new drives are Seagate. :D