View Full Version : H264 + 7900GTX + PureVideo/PowerDVD7 Hangs

10-14-06, 01:26 PM
I'm having serious hangs while i play h264 streams of european satellites.

I've purevideo & powerdvd7 licenses, & i'm using Forceware 91.47 atm.

In software mode, i can play the streams without problems in pdvd7. It uses around 30-60% of cpu for 12-18mbit h264 streams.

In hardware mode, the machine hangs very randomly with some streams, & very fast with others. But, it uses 15-30% of cpu only, & the quality is much better due to the hw deinterlace, 2:2, temporal filtering, ... also sharper iq.

Any tip ?


10-14-06, 11:26 PM
Try these. They have worked great for a lot of people here, including myself.


10-15-06, 10:26 AM
I tried 92.91 & same problem.

The streams use to work, but there're streams from some tv channels that hangs the machine very fast. Other streams work perfectly. That's why i think that it must be a bug.

When the machine hangs, i see the death blue screen with that nv4_disp.dll error :thumbdwn:

10-24-06, 07:20 PM
It's getting worse, there're new h264 channels here in Europe, & the hw decoding hangs the machine with almost all of them. I've met another 7600GT user here with same problem, so, it's not my machine.

I dunno what to do, i've all the software licenses & it justs hangs. :thumbdwn:

10-25-06, 12:52 AM
well for me the picture getīs all scrambled up acnīt see what is what

as for you in software mode no probs but when i turn on hardware it is like the card canīt deal with it or powerdvd i dunno wich one but i get no BSODīs

10-25-06, 03:37 AM
Have any of you tried using WMP10 or better WMP11? Do you have the latest version of Purevideo Decoder?

Last resort; Uninstall the nvidia graphics driver, use Driver Cleaner Pro and reinstall the newest graphic drivers. If that doesn't work, I dunno. Weird.

10-25-06, 05:46 AM
well i solved my problem by disablinf asus splendid video thingy
now i can have purevidoe in power dvd and windvd without wierd picture


hope your BSODīs stop coming check if you have smoething similiar enabled and try doing like i did hope you get it to wrok mate

10-25-06, 01:28 PM
The difference is in the way in which tv stations encode the video.

i'm telling that i'm experimenting hangs with "some tv stations only", the rest is working fine by hw.

Also, i found a guy with a 7600GT, who has same problems & with the same tv stations here in Europe.

Therefore, it isn't my hardware, cause the other guy has the same problems & with the same tv stations, & he has different hardware config.

An example:
NRJ12 HD, ... -> Works
France3 HD, M6 HD, TF1 HD, ... -> Hang !

All stations use h264 video stream, but, with different bitrate, resolution, ...

My conclusion, atm, is that nVidia hw decoding, isn't working atm, with all the sorts of h264 streams.

Luckily, i have enough cpu power to watch a 12-18Mbit h264 stream by software, but, there're a lot of users (single core users), that only could play these streams with the gfx card hw decoding.

Also, i can't blame powerDVD7, cause it works by software, & it uses pureVideo for the hw decoding.