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10-14-06, 11:31 PM
I'm getting an upgrade for x-mas this year, and I'm getting it early :) and I'm hoping for some help.

Much to the dismay of my brother-in-law, Oblivion runs smooth as silk on my current system at 1024x768 ultra high settings with HDR, side by side to his E6600 with a 7950 GX2 there's no difference in real life game play but, I do have a 21" monitor and I want get a little boost before I get my 8800GTS's so I can run at 1600x1200.

I really don't think I need to get a core 2 duo to do this though....that would mean new processor, new motherboard, new memory.....E6600, Asus sli Mobo and 2gigs ocz6400 DDR2 = $700+ and I just bought a new car and I'm getting 2 8800 GTS's.... and i'm not one of those people who is into 3dmark scores nor am I one of those people who claim they can tell the difference between 80fps and 125fps.

looking at game framerates and resolutions around the web, I should quite easily be able to go with an fx-57 or 939- X2 4600....will the extra 200mhz of the fx-55 be better or the extra core of the 4600?? The fx-55 is @ $160 on ebay and currently theres a 4600 for $190 on ebay.

How about mobos.....I was thinking of maybe getting a board with 2- x16 slots...does it make a big difference over 2 x8 slots?? I might not change this at all though as I have had ZERO problems with this board and gameplay with my x-fi card and I would rather not start having any.

Any input on REAL gaming experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks.

(thats actually a fx-55 not 57)

10-14-06, 11:40 PM
I am in the same boat as you. I want to upgrade but don't really want to spend 694.20 on a new Core2, mobo, and RAM. (Yes thats my actual price from newegg if I invest in a e6600, new mobo and ram for it.)

I only have a cpu at stock 2.0Ghz right now but I am looking at the FX-57 which is at 2.8Ghz. It would certainly help..although I want to go Dual core so I might as well go for Core2.

Choices, choices...errr

Xion X2
10-15-06, 08:37 AM
If you're trying to future-proof your system, then you should stay away from single-core processors. Alan Wake and a slew of other games that will come out in the near future will all be multi-core optimized and will probably suffer in performance on single-cores.

Last week I linked sillyeagle to an 4800+ X2 on newegg that was going for $258.00. I'd suggest you look over there for a good deal on one of those. Stock speeds at 2.4gHz and can be OC'd to 2.7 rather easily. I have two friends with them.

10-17-06, 03:08 AM
You can get a 4400+ for a little over $200 and they overclock very good ,the 4400 that I bought will do 2.6g at 1.4v and will do 2.8g at 1.5v .

Xion X2
10-17-06, 08:30 AM
^ Yeah, I didn't mention the new 4400+'s because they have the decreased cache (512MB). I've heard it doesn't make as much of a difference on AMD's as it does Intels, but I still like to have the 1MB cache on each core. *shrugs*

10-17-06, 04:06 PM
I would like to do the cheaper up grade also.With that 4400+ what else do you have to replace? I have an OEM Pentium 4CPU 1.7?? Thanks