View Full Version : 6800gs and the new drivers dont work for me

10-16-06, 03:03 AM
Heya guys, If i update to anything much beyond the standard drivers i got with teh card, the computer locks up almost totally, it seems to redraw the screen every 3-5 seconds, as if that was 1 refresh, so i click something once, screen goes black, couple of seconds, menu pops up, to go away agian, it again goes black for a few seconds, this happens with teh start bar, moving icons, opening anything on my computer, or files, or anything!

Just wondering what it could be thats cuase some confliction, i cant seem to work it out, short of reformating, i dunno what else to do.

Cheers in advance

Amd Athlon 64 3200+
2gig ram
windows XP
Asus K8V Se Deluxe MB