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02-21-03, 08:04 AM
Problem: can’t load XP Pro correctly

- MSI K7T266 PRO
- MSI KM266

Hard Drives:
- WD400BB
- WD400BB
- WD600AB

- 256mb Elixir PC2100
- 256mb Elixir PC2100
- 256mb Samsung PC2700

- AXP 1600+ AGOIA
- AXP 1600+ AGOIA

- WinXP Pro
- WinXP Pro backup copy

All new cables (several sets), clean ram slots, good cpu’s….

… on both setups (after writing zero’s with 3rd party utility), windows installation always has trouble loading files like oembios.inf and quartz.dll… Sometimes I could slip the backup copy in and it’d throw the file on, but then another one would not load… And when this happens, and IF it finishes, I set the boot order back to IDE-0 first, CDROM second… the startup screen starts, and we get:


huh? This happened on 2 WD 40’s, which I guess I’m now RMA’ing, but I tried my great running 60, and it has done the same thing…

Stoopid question, but can bad RAM kill HD’s? or mobo’s?
The kt266 has definitely been used a lot, but the KM is brand new, and ran just fine with the 60 gig and the 2700 2 wks ago when I initially set it up (no OC)… Oh, and it ran on a stick of that Elixir RAM for a couple days, too… with no probs.

The one thing we haven’t tried it using my PC2700 memory FROM THE BEGINNING on these recent installs… Every other time we used the Elixir RAM (one stick doesn’t work AT ALL unless it’s counterpart is in slot 1)…

I’m working on the KM cuz signs point to the KT being bad, but now the finger’s starting to point to the RAM… last nite my friend took the 60 and tried to write zeroes to it, and it wouldn’t go… some sort of ***LOAD OPEN*** error which we’ve never seen before…

See, the KT was supposed to be my friend’s system, and the KM was to be my HTPC… We just need to get A system up and running, whichever one it is…

If anyone can help me, please reply… Oh and by the way, I put that elixir ram in my GA-7VTXE (kt266a) board… both sticks, and, um, yeah, it, um, CORRUPTED MY XP INSTALLATION, even at cas2.5, 2tcmd… That was both sticks… So I took the one out that usually doesn’t recognize… now running 1 stick o elixir. STILL CORRUPT. This adds to the mystery, cuz was it the other stick that corrupted everything?

I now have Data Lifeguard and WDDIAG, and don’t know which one to use… both are in zip format, and I’m guessing I’ll need to make a DOS boot disk and extract the zip of each one to it’s own floppy…

And I’ve tried to get a newer BIOS for the K7T266 Pro, but every link I’ve tried gave me an incomplete file… or something… Jeez, doing an ECS K7S5A bios was cake, and I thought it’d be the same… I have amiinf332 and 6830v19… but that 6830 file’s not compressed, it’s 489k, and won’t be recognized by the amiinf program. I also have amibcp75.rar, which I’ve been told can unlock features in BIOS’s… but I’ll use that later :)…


03-03-03, 02:02 PM
You're describing an identical problem I cured by installing a bigger power supply. No kidding; same symptoms. A too-weak PSU caused intermittent failure during installation of WinXP Pro. Additionally, when WinXP finally installed, the too-weak PSU caused reports of "no boot volume" with no apparent disk corruption after a reboot and file system test.

Before you RMA anything else, test your setups using a more powerful PSU.

03-03-03, 03:17 PM



I'M OUT $80!!


so that kt266 board is prob. okay, but I gave my friend the KM when we thought the older board was dying... I might be being a snob here, but I want AT LEAST kt266a level of perf. for my htpc... Who knows, maybe that board (k7t266 pro) used with a t-bred B 1700 and a modded bios (they're out there) might perform great! I just wanted a teeny mobo, and I was esp. turned on by the little known km266 chipset... I wonder if it has a 1/5 divider? heh heh...

Anyhoo... I RMA'ed all HDD's that were touched by that RAM, and will be given back my PC2700 when my friends finally re-order... They run K7S5A and KM266, both in stock trim... They no needs PC2700 :)