View Full Version : Thinking about getting this CHIMEI 221D

10-16-06, 03:22 PM
CHIMEI 221D Silver/Black 22" 5ms DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor 330 cd/m2 800:1


It's cheap, and the reviews seem great.

should I get it? (where I live I dont have too many options, this is the only 22" in its price range, so dont try to recommend me something else)

btw its my first LCD :) (been stuck with an 17" crt all my life), so I dont have alot of experience with lcds, but I heard that if its not on its native resolution it looks like crap, and 1680X1050 is a pretty high resolution to game with, with the games out now I can handle but in the near future with games like Crysis and UT07 I dont know if my pc will handle even 1440X900, is it that bad to play on resolutions lower than the native?

my pc specs: AMD opteron 148 (2.2@2.8) | DFI lanparty nf4 ultra-d | g.skill 2gb 400mhz 2-3-2-5 | leadtek g7900gt 256mb | wd 200gb sata2

when my video card will start having hard time running games I think ill buy a zalman vf900 and vmod the card and try to reach 650-700 in the core and 900-1000 in the ram, I saw what they did in vr-zone with a 7900gt and it was awsome, with stable settings they reached something like an 30fps improvment in quake 4\fear in 1280X1024 4XAA 16XAF.

10-23-06, 12:31 AM
I dunno if Guy got his CMV, but I've been thinking about grabbing one too.

It seems Dell, Viewsonic and a handful of others use CMO (branch of CMV) panels in their monitors. The price is right, I'll only use it for games so I don't mind it being a 6+2 bit panel. Does anyone use one of these, or a similar CMV/Chimei display?

10-23-06, 01:01 PM
In the end I ordered an LG L204WT, its an 20" widescreen lg monitor, 5ms, 1:2000 contrast.

hope ill get it tommarow or in the next couple of days.