View Full Version : NVidia driver: where are the RGB gamma settings stored?

10-17-06, 09:59 PM
When running the Display Optimization Wizard in the NVidia driver, the last step is called "Optimize Gamma" - it's three sliders, one for each primary color (RGB) and you drag the sliders until the color on the mobile portion matches the color on the fixed portion.
That's supposed to fine tune gamma on each color channel.

My question is: after running the wizard, where are the RGB gamma values stored? There has to be a file which has the numerical values of gamma for each one of those 3 channels.

The reason for asking the question:
I've a dual-boot system, Windows and Linux, and on Linux there's no display optimization wizard. However, there is a way on Linux to manually enter values for gamma for each color channel.
Since I use the exact same mode on Windows and on Linux (1024x768, 85Hz), I want to just copy the RGB gamma values from Windows (after running the wizard) and manually enter them on Linux, so as to keep the same gamma values on each operating system.

So far I've been unable to locate the place where the RGB gamma settings are stored. I've sent an email to NVidia ( linux-bugs@nvidia.com ) but they've been less than helpful.

Any hint is appreciated. Thanks.