View Full Version : Evga Mobo + 3700 Overclock temps

10-17-06, 10:01 PM
This EVGA NF41 is picky as hell about a lot of things including reading the cpu temp. The BIOS has never read the temps correctly. When using windows xp 32 bit edition, BIOS said CPU 52c Idle....whatever. I recently installed XP 64bit edition and the temps started reading 39c Idle and I downloaded CoreTemp from guru3d and it concurred 39c. Here's the "WTF" part.....I overclocked my 3700 just now, dropped HT to 800mhz, set her at 11x220mhz (obviously 2.4Ghz), loosened my memory timings(this stuff sucks ass for OC'ing, on this mobo anyways) to 2.5-3-3-6, fired her up, temp in bios and on CoreTemp now reads 32c ......Maybe I should try for 3Ghz...maybe i could hit 20c?? lol
Anyone have an opinion as to WTF is going on??

10-18-06, 02:23 AM
It depends I guess on when you take the temp readings. If you take them when the system has been on for some time, they will generally be higher then when you have just booted up, as all the other components are letting off heat etc.

The only answer I could give you about the difference between XP32 and XP64 is if you have CnQ enabled under 64 but did not have this under 32.

Or it could be that your mobo sucks for reading the on-die temp :captnkill:

10-18-06, 02:31 AM
This is a known issue with this mobo. I have the same one. Download the updated BIOS and it should fix it. Mine is finally correct in SpeedFan, but mine came with the correct BIOS after my 2nd RMA, unrelated to this. The older version of SpeedFan didn't show it correctly anyways.