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10-21-06, 01:18 PM
Hello everyone. This is my first post here as I usually figure out my problems by myself, but this time I'm stumped.

I have tried 91.47, 91.48, and 92.91 drivers with no luck at being able to enter and KEEP a profile for my games. They seem to keep resetting. Is this a know issue and is there a fix?

I make a profile for Oblivion and after I enter and exit the game it resets every time =(.

Please help. This problem appies to all games, not just Oblivion. Thanks

10-21-06, 01:34 PM
Try using nHancer:

Its a third party program to edit and configure game profiles. It works MUCH better than the one in the nvidia control panel.

I havent had to touch the nvidia profile screen in months. :thumbsup:

10-21-06, 01:49 PM
Thanks for the super fast reply. I'm gonna put the 92.91's back in and try it out. This looks like exactly what I need =)

10-21-06, 05:18 PM
I get this issue only with the 92.91 drivers .. the 91.47 are just fine.

10-21-06, 06:31 PM
I have this issue with the 92.91s although, it doesn't just reset, the whole profile is gone once I close the CP and open it again. Very annoying....

10-21-06, 10:33 PM
Well, the Nhancer works awesome and it's super simple to use! Thanks again CaptNKILL! I recommend this to anyone with this issue. :)