View Full Version : BFG 7900 GTX OC 512 Bios Rev. 04 Flash Help Please?

10-21-06, 10:42 PM
It's been awhile since I last flashed my BFG 7900 GTX OC 512MB Graphics Card. I want to flash it with BFG 7900 GTX OC Bios Version: Rev. 04? Anyone tryed this bios version?

10-22-06, 10:34 AM
Update: BFG 7900 GTX bios version: Rev. 04 bios flash was 100% successful. I'm glad I flashed the card. Infact, the bios update fixed the issue with the graphic distortions I was getting on my Dell 30" Ultrasharp
Model: 3007WFP I would have flickering on my screen and some games had a yellow and gray scale graphic distortion which would really piss me off! Well, I'm proud to report that those problems are all gone now! (nana2)
I'd like to give a big thanks out there for my man Mavke over at www.mvktech.net who helped me on this. Thanks! you rock! :captnkill:

10-24-06, 12:02 AM
That's great news!! Thanks for the info.

I hope it works for you granted you have the BFG 7900 GTX OC 512MB Graphics card. We all know the real reason why companies come out with newer bios versions. I'm glad I discovered and fixed the problem because BFG is clueless. Let's just hope there's not a rehash with the same damn issue on NVIDIA'S next big driver release which we can expect anytime soon.