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10-23-06, 03:58 AM

My "fathers in law" (sorry I'm not english and not sure if this words is fine) just by this notebook:

It has a GeForce Go 6150 graphics card. It's works all fine and they are happy with it. But When they connect the laptop to the TV (with S-Video connector to Scart connector on TV), TV, never display anything.

I configure driver to display Tv signal, and after configure it, it's work fine, but when reboot (or unplug and plug the cable, and even change TV channel), again, tv don't display anything. I have to configure driver again.

I think is a Tv problem, because with other Tv, I don't have to reconfigure, plug and works fine. But not with this TV.

I find 2 ways to get TV works. First is to exec TV assistant (set S-Video output, clone mode, ...). And sometimes, pressing Detect Screen button, get TV works.

The problem, is everytime they want to see a film, they have to call me by phone, and I have to tell the step to get Tv works.

Anyone know a solve to my problem?. I think a solution can be a command (I will do a .bat file) that do the same as detect devices button or better, the same as tv assistant.

Thanks for replies and sorry for my poor english

(to admins, please delete my post from "NVIDIA GeForce 6 and 7 Series", I think this is the right forum)