View Full Version : No DVI output after using S-video

10-23-06, 04:11 PM
I have an ASUS A8N-VM CSM motherboard with GeForce6150.
ForceWare 81.85.Also tried 91.47 with same behaviour.
When I connected the TV to the S-video output to watch a DVD the setup for the DVI is gone.
I have the TV and the LCD-monitor in different parts of my room, so I disconnect the computer and carry it to the TV-set and when finnished, I carry it back.
Then the bootprocess looks ok, but when WindowsXP have booted, the screen is black on the LCD.I can see a big mouse-cursor and move it, but that's all.
I have too boot in VGA-mode and deinstall the Nvidia drivers and reinstall them to get it working again.
When in VGA-mode I have no Geforce 6150 settings.Thats why I reinstall the drivers.

ASUS support have my case since 9th of october, but I only got a mail back that they did not understand the problem.After filling in details I have not heard a thing from them.
Can anyone help me?

10-23-06, 05:28 PM
Its normal, you plugged the TV in by itself and the TV isn't plug and play (at least not through the svideo) so when you bring it back to your LCD the videocard drivers assume that your TV is plugged in as primary display and fails to see your LCD.

The way your going about moving your computer is not very smart, just buy an extra long svideo cable and have both your LCD (as primary display) and your TV (as secondary display) plugged in at the same time, then you can enable/disable the second display (your TV) through the control panel with ease.

10-24-06, 08:57 PM
You shouldn't need to reinstall the drivers when in VGA mode. Just bring up the display properties and set your desktop resolution/color depth and apply the changes. This should reload the display driver and activate your current display. You could also try checking the box to "Force TV Detection" on the NVIDIA "Tools" tab. May help when switching display devices alot. For me, TV output never worked reliably unless force detection was selected.

10-25-06, 02:06 PM
If I select a higher resolution when in vga-mode, I get no output at all.
The display goes into hibernate with no signal on the digital input.
I have never had any problem with having the TV recognized.
That seems like a plug and play action.I read something about s-video when
I used my Radeon 9200 as TV-interface.The TV had to be turned on to make
the Radeon recognize the TV.I call that plug and play.
What really should be plug and play is when I connect the LCD-monitor on
the DVI output.
After reinstalling the drivers I do find the monitor via plug and play.It just
pops up as a new device.
This carrying the PC back and forth is just because I'm waiting for to buy a
new DVD-player as a replacement for the one I had, which broke, so I don't
want to invest in long cables.
I consider this behaviour on the DVI-port a bug.
This is a dual boot machine, so I will test the Linux-driver's behaviour this