View Full Version : 7900GTO problems or is it my pc?

10-24-06, 08:23 AM
Hello people.

My rig is

Pentium 4 651 65nm 3.4Ghz @ 3.9Ghz LGA775 2mb Cache @ 40oc
2Gb DDRII Samsung (dont ask) 2x1gb running in Dual Channel 533mHz
250Gb SATAII Maxtor Maxline III 16Mb Cache 7200Rpm
MSI 7900 GTO 512mb DDR3 o/c 715core/1660Memory
Thermaltake Purepower 680W
Mobo- Asrock 775XFire-eSATA2+

I know this rig aint much but I have been disappointed with the figures I am getting from it.

3DMark01 28,000
3DMark05 8600
3DMark06 6200
Aquamark3 86,000

What do you think is the matter? I used to have a crossfire setup (2X x1900) and I was getting Aquamark3 86000 again. What is limiting me. I mean I should be pulling better numbers. I think it is telling that I am getting such a low score on everything.



I remember on the 3dmark06 test getting 1900 in the CPU score

Any help would be Greatly appreciated

10-24-06, 08:35 AM
No need to post in multiple forums, man.