View Full Version : intel sli g80 notebooks ?

10-25-06, 09:11 PM
any idea if these will be happening?
so far all you can get is a turion which seems rather useless compared to a core 2 duo.

10-25-06, 09:31 PM
Hmmm G80 SLI with Core 2 Duo. Fetch that would be a powerful laptop.

10-26-06, 12:23 AM
:) Power Scrooge + Power Hog

10-26-06, 12:27 AM
if I had one it would be on laptop cooler on top of a desk plugged into a surge protector:lol:

no way I am gonna leave that on my lap to burn me:lol:

10-26-06, 06:17 AM
Not in the near future ..

10-26-06, 07:33 AM
why dont they just put in dual quadcore c2d's, 16gb of ram, and 10 video cards? Oh, i forgot that its running off a BATTERY. If/when they do release these laptops id avoid them like a plague unless you enjoy having to recharge your battery every 30 minutes.

10-26-06, 11:19 AM
you mean dual core 2 quadro

10-26-06, 04:59 PM
they already have dual core 2 duos in laptop people they just dont have me with sli support.
i for 1 dont give a damn about the battery or heat.

10-26-06, 05:05 PM
wow that would be insanely low battery life

10-26-06, 06:17 PM
you mean dual core 2 quadro

Quadro = professional CAD graphics solution
Quadcore = 4-core CPU

10-26-06, 06:38 PM
you mean dual core 2 quadro

No, but he was close. I think he meant two processors of core 2 Quad-cores. AKA 8 cores. :)

I'm not sure if Intel is going to officially call it a Quadro, I haven't seen that yet, but a lot of places are giving it that nickname.