View Full Version : new display and nforce 6.86 drivers problems

10-26-06, 01:13 PM
Well I've installed new display 91.47 and nForce4 6.86 drivers.

Display didn't impress me with anything, in fact it has some annoying settings in control panel and useless icon in the taskbar (removed it with startup mechanic.

The motherboard drivers for some reason didn't install the audio drivers and now I don't have the sound! Windows keep asking me for AC97 which were automatically installed with previous (6.60 I think) drivers. Also I'm not sure if nvidia firewall is any good over windows firewall.:thumbdwn:

10-27-06, 02:44 AM
The sound drivers in 6.86 are incompatible with my board too (at least without a driver modification, which makes them take longer to install).

Try NVIDIA Win XP/2K - Audio (4.62) (http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_audio_4.62_win2kxp.html)

Or if you prefer AC97 drivers (best sound quality, but less performance perhaps) try Realtek AC97 Audio Codecs (http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=14&PFid=23&Level=4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false)

I'm currently using the Realtek ones.

10-27-06, 06:28 AM
How is the tasbbar button useless? You can use it to change settings but anyway if you don't want it there is an option to remove it in the classic control panel.

10-28-06, 04:47 AM
I don't change resolution etc. so often so it's useless. Mostly I use application profiles for AA etc. As I said I liked the old menu and this one in control panel sucks.

10-28-06, 05:33 AM
As I said I liked the old menu and this one in control panel sucks.

Then use the old one.. You can mod the desktop menu or taskbar icon to have menu for both new and old control panels... NVTweak

Depending on the driver, it will also have an option to change your desktop context menu to Classic. But afaik, you can't have menus to both at the same time without the tray icon enabled.

10-28-06, 06:10 AM
thanks, I didn't know for Nvtweak.

Now I have old menu without any icon in tray. :)

10-28-06, 06:35 AM
I personally use the tray icon to load the new control panel. Because the classic cp doesn't have all the options (especially for video).

Btw I take it you got the audio problem solved? What drivers did you end up using?

10-28-06, 12:40 PM
I just installed audio 4.62 drivers over the moterboard 6.86 package and it works ok. Nvidia really makes things complicated for no reason.