View Full Version : Rainbow Six:Vegas demo now available on US Marketplace

11-01-06, 09:54 AM

11-01-06, 11:09 AM
It's about dang time.

11-01-06, 04:38 PM
Since nobody has commented on it yet, here goes. It's fun thus far, controls are a bit to get used to. However, the demo is buggy and my XBOX has frozen up due to restarting the mission. Hopefully, these little bugs will be fixed before release. Looks like a great game.

11-01-06, 11:27 PM
Great game! Only issue I have is the frame rate drop.

11-01-06, 11:59 PM
I finished the demo, and i must say its the best tom clancy game ive ever played. I didnt encounter any bugs, except once where the TV went screwed and artifact-like things started appearing and disorienting the color. But with a little shut down it went back to normal.

As for the gameplay, it was awesome. As you play it feels almost like as if you were in an action movie, especially during firefights. It can be quite similar to Brothers In Arms as you get to command your squad. My only huge gripe for this game is the framerate, throughout the game i experienced some extremely horrible framerates ive ever seen on a console. It was at 10FPS or lower. But during firefights, it felt around 25 - 30 i guess. Which is still playable.

Controls WILL take some getting used too, unless you are already a seasoned Rainbow Six player. You can die easily if you take too many hits at once (There isnt a health bar for you or squadmates, so its Halo 2 style) and you can only start back at the last checkpoint. Making it frustrating when you've made it so far, only to die and restart at your last checkpoint.

11-02-06, 02:16 PM
Great game! Only issue I have is the frame rate drop.
I agree, amazing game, but it has WAY too much frame rate issues. It caused my 360 to lock up 3 times during graphically intense parts. Shooting the bell too early almost always resulted in a lockup.

11-02-06, 02:23 PM
This seems strange... I've played that demo (got it from my OXM subscription) about 10 times all the way through and not once did it lock up on me. Maybe the downloadable version is to blame for the lock ups you guys are experiencing.

11-02-06, 03:05 PM
Yeah, they shouldn't release something like that in it's current condition.

11-02-06, 09:37 PM

I just played through the demo, no lockups and I didn't notice a framerate issue until just after the area where the bell falls through.

o-m-g this game is so incredibly awesome though

I just added this to my "I will like totally fcuking DIE if I don't get this game" list.

11-02-06, 10:25 PM
lol, pwnt