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11-01-06, 12:00 PM
Ultimate is pretty cool :D


11-01-06, 03:54 PM
Looks great. :D

11-01-06, 04:01 PM
Yup, Ultimate is definitely for mwah! :D

11-01-06, 06:15 PM
LOL @ comment posted on linked site by finbar

I've heard you'll only be able to open the box 10 times.

11-01-06, 07:02 PM
LOL @ comment posted on linked site by finbar

Though I can see the humor in that, I am getting annoyed at all this anti-Vista-down-Microsoft-hump-pinguins crap flying around.

I support Microsoft for limiting the amount of installs per copy of Vista. Me, I'm getting several copies. So, that should last me quite some time. ;)

Die penguins, DIE!!! :firedevil j/k :p

11-01-06, 08:05 PM
What a crappy angle. I don't understand the shape of the box. :o

11-01-06, 08:18 PM
me neither, microsoft started this crap last year with their mac version of the office suite, i worked at staples last year during school and in our software lockup area, we would just look at how dumb the boxes were shaped, and how you couldn't get them to stay on the shelf for the life of you. happy to see they are carrying this over to pc ppl now

11-01-06, 08:27 PM
LOL @ comment posted on linked site by finbar


11-01-06, 11:29 PM
Here's a question for all of you - what would the advantage of getting a retail copy as opposed to an OEM copy be? Considering regardless of which one you buy you're getting a single machine license, I can't see any real advantage in getting retail, when I plan to buy a new video card around the same time as Vista anyhow, and should be able to get an OEM copy with that.

11-02-06, 07:12 AM
i will be getting ultimate upgrade, will try to get OEM if available.

i don't think there are any advantages

if vista will have a rough start like XP, its possible to use all 10 installs in one year.

11-07-06, 03:31 PM
Ultimate FTW! :thumbsup:


11-07-06, 03:53 PM
The ultimate case looks so badass.