View Full Version : Laptop TV Out Problem

11-01-06, 03:57 PM
I have a Dell Latitude C810 with a NVidia video card.

I have loaded the correct software and drivers and have run into a problem with the TV out function which I need.

When I originally started up I was able to expand the desktop and have my laptop display as my primary display and the TV as the expanded desktop. This is in horizontal expansion.

I was trying to get the tv to run overscanned, and all of the sudden I can no longer get my tv as the expanded desktop. It will let me clone, go vertical, and expand with the tv as the primary display, but I can not expand with the laptop as the primary and the TV as expanded.

I have tried to remove all drivers and software and start from scratch, but nothing works. If I click the expanded with the TV as anything other than primary, the display reverts back to whatever setting it's in.

Running Windows 2000 Pro SP4

Any ideas?