View Full Version : System shutdowns when gaming get intense.. lol

11-02-06, 01:34 AM
Ok, funny question here. I'm kind of stumped.. whenever I'm playing gothic 3 and it gets to some serious taxing scenes the system will all of a sudden just completely shutdown. No warning nothing.. Tonite, I was playing BF2142 and had a head on collision with a tank.. BOOM.. system shutsdown. Now, I'm really stumped here.. what do you guys think?

11-02-06, 02:16 AM
I'm initailly tempted to say GPU.
What card are you running, how' it cooled and is it O'C'd?


11-02-06, 02:24 AM
Sorry mate..I didnt see your rig info (that's a real beast!)

I see you have the pre-clocked version of GPU. Am I right in saying you have 2? and are attempting to use quad SLI?

Aside from the fact that your CPU is o/c'd, are the GPU cards sharing a water cooled setup that also cools the CPU?

Have you tried running each GPU card individually? This may isolate one of the cards as possibly being faulty OR it may indicate that the PSU is not meeting demands? just a thought.

Also, if you dont mind, would you mind reading my recent post titled 'P5N32 PREMIUM & C2D X 6800 SETUP PROBLEMS' (or something similar) as I have a same'ish kind of rig as you and am experiencing major snags...so much so I cannot even install windows...let alone play Gothic 3 (which i have already bought and am gagging to play!).

Look forward to hearing form you.