View Full Version : Low frame rates on a GeForce 3

02-24-03, 11:56 AM
I recently upgraded from a Pentium4 1500Mhz (256Mb ram) to a Pentium4 2000Mhz (512Mb ram). My graphics card is a GeForce3.

From time to time I run Q3Bench to check the frames per second. On the 1500 PC I got 138 fps.

I was a little bit surprised to see that I get the same fps (i.e. 138) on the new PC.

After a while I had a problem with my internet satellite connection and as a result installed one of my older registries (system.dat, user.dat, system.ini & win.ini). What do you know? Suddenly the fps on the Q3Bench ran 173!

Another problem with a game caused me to format my C:\drive and after re-installation (WinMe) the card was running again at 138 fps! Unfortunately I could not find those same registry files (which gave me the 173 fps).

What my question is:
"Somewhere in the registry must be an entry that causes this difference in frames per second (i.e. 35). If I could find this entry and know how to modify it, I would be all smiles)."

02-24-03, 04:29 PM
Have You checked for IRQ conflict's?.
Possibly between lan/modem card and video.
Just a guess.
And (of couse) since Your score jumped up, You
have Vsync dissabled, for the test.

02-25-03, 12:01 PM
Ha! I got it back to 174 fps. All the time it was a program on the CD of my motherboard (Gigabyte) that increased the fps from 138 to 174!

The name of the program is "SIS Accelleration Graphic Port 1.11".

There is no readme file and when I installed it in the beginning I did not know what it was going to do.

Now I know!