View Full Version : Problems with darkness

Laser Eyes
11-03-06, 12:55 AM
Since nvidia changed the control panel for the past few official drivers I have had continual problems with a dark display in 3D games. This problem has also arisen playing video clips in WMP. I also notice that if I set the default settings in the "Adjust Video Color Settings" it always changes even though I didn't adjust it myself. It seems to constantly move off the default settings. Has anyone else had a problem with a dark display?

11-03-06, 09:00 AM
This has always been a nuisance to me also.

Each time I install a new driver, now one of the first things I do is raise the brightness (in the New CP, Advanced mode) to 60%. Contrast to 50%, and Saturation to 35%. Disable RGB Gamma and Color Temp Correction. This seems to solve it for the most part.

Another thing you could do is disable hardware overlay. But I think this disables some hardware features so I tend not to do this anymore.

I hope it helps.