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11-04-06, 09:27 PM
With only New Super Mario $135 shipped. With both games $145.

System was bought about a month ago and is in perfect condition with a protective screen on the lower half to prevent scratches.

Also looking for a Modded XBox with the works. Samsung or Phillips DVD drive preferd. A big hard drive packed with programs and such to make life easier. Also must be in fairly mint condition and not a scratched up mess. Looking to spend around $160 but will go higher if needed or I will trade the DS with mentioned games plus some more. Games are...

-Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
-Advance Wars: Dual Strike
-Phoenix Wright 2 (Import. US version comes out in January)
-Kirby Canvas Curse
And More

***Pictures shortly***

PayPal non-cc only if buying and I will pay the same way for the XBox.
PM or email me at LiquidXtream AT Gmail Dot Com.

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