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11-05-06, 06:17 AM

I was trying to install the new drivers on an rather old AMD Athlon Thunderbird system with a Geforce 6600GT. Basic operations and DirectX work just fine, however, any OpenGL application crashed immediately. I had a look at the debugging-code and figured out, it crashed with an illegal instruction, cvtss2si to be exact, which is an SSE instruction. However, since the Athlon Thunderbird doesn´t have a SSE unit, this instruction shouldn´t be called at all. It seems like the driver detects a SSE unit although it is not there.

So I went on an tested some more driver releases, starting from 77.77 to 81.xx, 82.xx, 84.xx, 91.xx, 92.xx and finally the new 93 release, but the only driver that worked was the 77.77 driver. However, I need a newer driver release to work since I need some extensions not available in the 77.77 driver release.

So does anybody have an idea what might cause the false SSE detection and how I could fix that?


11-05-06, 09:08 AM
You'll need to be more specific about the rest of the system, such as the os and chipset being used. The search function is gonna be your best bet because of the age of that system. You may want to try updated chipset drivers to start if its an error related to sse instructions.

11-05-06, 12:40 PM
I believe rivatuner may have an option to disable advanced cpu functions. may be worth a try?