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11-05-06, 06:09 PM

The other day i was just looking at my game collection and just picked up Command and Conquer: Generals again (didn't play it since i finished on spring 2003) to see how will it run on my rig (i know the game looks pretty much CPU limited but that's a good reason to pump up AA and AF on my GX2).

I dunno if some of you have tried to run the game at 2048x1536 :D nowadays, because the game looks absolutely gorgeous even for being more than 3 years old.

The problem is that no matter which AA settings i use in the CP (AF works perfectly) they don't work in-game, and it sucks cause all the extra power of my GX2 is wasted (there's nothing like 16xS AA, uh?).

The game does not let you control AA and AF via the options menu...
Any ideas??


11-05-06, 06:14 PM
use nhancer to set up profiles and force AA for the game