View Full Version : Odd bug with Forceware 93.71.

11-06-06, 06:50 PM

I am having a very odd problem when installing the 93.71 Forceware driver. It's kind of hard to explain but all windows based icons appear to be of poor quality after installing the driver. As in poor quality I mean mainly the edges are not smooth. It is only in Windows, for example, all the icons on the start menu and the system tray appear poor in quality. The icons within a program like firefox's back and forward buttons appear normal. It's is more of an annoyance than anything else. When I uninstall the drivers everything appears normal.


BFG 7800 GTX
Asus A8N-E (nForce drivers up-to-date)
AMD X2 4400+
XP Pro (up-to-date)

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


11-06-06, 07:49 PM
Not sure why this problem happened, but it fixed itself after I restarted a few times.


11-07-06, 11:00 PM
might be because it sets the colour to 16bit after you install

11-10-06, 01:33 AM
I didnt get those low quallity icons when i installed 93.71. I only had trouble overclocking my 7900GT, just like any other 9x.xx series forceware i've tested. Execpt the 92.91 which im using now.