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02-25-03, 09:47 AM
I searched for this in these forums and didn't get a return, might have had some wrong key words.. forgive my first post if it's a dupe! :p

Anyway... Hi there and has anyone purchased the Corsair paired 3200 and had issues on a nForce2 board? I saw this little blurb on newegg.com today...

Corsair TWINX3200 and XMS3200LL on Nforce2-based boards
With new board or on cleared BIOS with only TWINX3200 and XMS3200LL installed the board will not
BIOS problem.
Temporary resolution:
Install any other speed DDR and boot. Enter BIOS and without making any changes hit F10 (or Save
Changes to BIOS and Quit). Reboot then shut down and install your TWINX3200 or XMS3200LL.
If you do not have access to another module of DDR to do this please contact
ramguy@corsairmicro.com and we will be happy to aid you in any way we can.
What's being done:
NVIDIA has been informed since all production BIOS's are based off reference BIOS from NVIDIA.
Expect to see BIOS patch soon.


02-25-03, 12:25 PM
Its something about the nForce2 Boards incorrectly reading the memory's SPD.

If you have access to another peice of memory, you can boot up into the BIOS and change the memory settings to Expert mode something like 7,3,3,2.5 (just to be safe) Save and turn off the machine, then boot with with the Corsair and your all set.

You can find hacked Epox - 8rda+ Bios's here (http://members.cox.net/8rda/bios.htm) that come with the memory settings set to Expert by default.