View Full Version : When overclocking the XP2400

02-25-03, 12:39 PM
How much do you overclock the core voltage to get the max out of the proscessor.I have 1.6 to 1.85,Has any one went as high as 1.8v.

02-25-03, 02:03 PM
As long as you have good cooling (able to keep it under 40c Full Load) 1.8v is not that high at all. People use 2.0v all the time to reach maximum overclock.

As you will realize, at one point bumping the voltage a little higher may not payoff like you expect, for example
You may be able to reach 195FSB @ 1.8v, but need 2.0v to reach 200FSB. In this case your better off leaving it at 1.8v and 195FSB. Some people even report better benchmark scores and slightly lower FSB's when overclocking, Every system is different and so are the results so all you can do it try.