View Full Version : Gothic 3 Demo this Friday

11-08-06, 06:41 PM
File Planet will have the demo for Gothic 3 up this Friday, if your a current FP subscriber you can reserve the demo now! I can't wait, I've been wanting to try this game for a while and I'm really looking forward to the release. Just thought I'd give a heads up to any RPG and Gothic fans.

11-09-06, 07:23 PM
Well I bet the demo will be all over the internet and not just on FP :)

The wild boars are waiting for you demo guys :D

11-10-06, 03:43 AM
Bah, the boars can only get you if they get you by surprise (or you suck). ;-)

11-10-06, 08:59 AM
I figured it'd be released on other sites, just thought I'd mention FP since I subscribe. Also thought it would bring it to attention so people would keep an eye out for it. I can't wait, sucks though gotta work till 7 :(

11-10-06, 11:22 AM
I started this downloading before I left for work. I'm excited to try it out!

11-10-06, 12:01 PM
Here are some mirrors:
http://www.bluesnews.com/cgi-bin/board.pl?action=postmessage&boardid=1&id=0&threadi d=72736

11-10-06, 09:18 PM

Well it looks alright..runs better than NWN2 and looks alot better too. But the sounds..they sound a bit screwed up when your attacking a mob..if i attack an orc..he screams and if i keep clicking..his first scream is not finished..and starts a new one..which sounds very strange..donno if its just the demo but the sound is a bit messy in the game..

Other than that..1280x960/full settings..runs pretty smooth..might grab it..but the sounds are a bit dodgy..

11-12-06, 03:18 PM
Can't believe this will be released on the 20th. The music is good but the correography is terrible and the game is buggy especially the lighting. This is probably just the demo and the retail will have this sorted out.

11-12-06, 03:23 PM
I didn't like it at all. Then again, I never played the first 2, so the controle scheme really bugs me. The graphics are pretty good, but not as stellar as I'd have thought...I thought Dark Messiah looked better :) I'll be loading up Oblivoion, Tiger 2K7, NWN2, and Flight Sim X over the next few days, so that demo goes to the recycle bin :)

11-12-06, 03:44 PM
I didn't like it at all. Then again, I never played the first 2 -- so that demo goes to the recycle bin

Gothic has always been "love it or hate it" kind of game. I always loved it.

Just FYI, the retail version with the latest patch is buggy but after two weeks of intensive playing I still haven't been able to break anything that I could have not fix by either trying again or trying to complete the quest a little different. Talking of quest-bugs I've only encountered three, and none breaks the main quest. So far no crashes with the latest patch.

Lot of other discussion about Gothic 3 in thread about system requirements + new screens (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=75373).