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11-09-06, 04:45 AM
Hello people

I started playing this game like last year. However there is a bit in the game where you fight Grundfeld Bach. You go up stairs talk blah blah blah

go out and grundfeld is still alive. you have to get to the boat in 40 secs.

I do this but when it loads up it crashes. :( nOOOOO! does anyonehave any idea what is wrong. I go to the error message log and it says

Vampire.exe caused an access violation etc

help please :o


11-09-06, 05:50 AM
Disable DEP for vampire.exe and try again, I had problems with DEP and Vampire:Bloodlines

11-09-06, 06:11 AM
Im not 100% sure, but when I played the game when it came out, I think I had to use a console command to pass that level. Your best bet would try scanning some vampire fansite forums.

11-09-06, 06:29 AM
Did you install the 1.2 patch? It should have fixed this particular crash. Smokey is right though, you can bipass this crash also thru a console command that I donīt remember anymore. (sorry)

11-09-06, 06:32 PM
I played this part through a few times and kept crashing when I played the game through, did some searching at the time and found the console command to skip the video sequence on the troika message boards, though I dont know if they even have a site anymore.