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11-09-06, 09:21 AM
The father of a friend of mine just called me up today and asked if I could build him a new computer. He wants it to be on the cutting edge. I should mention that he's a very wealthy and successful orthodontist. From our conversation it sounds like he's willing to spend what it takes to have the bleeding edge.

So, fellow nvnewsers, help me build this man a cutting edge PC. In case you're wondering, he wants it for digital media editing, photoshoping, ect...But I figure, heck, if he's really wants cutting edge I see no reason why I shouldn't throw a pair of 8800gtx's in there for him...

11-09-06, 10:43 AM
Evga 680i.
Intel "Conroe" X6800
2GB RAM (You can always add more when vista comes out)
8800GTX SLI (I know you were joking byt heck why not?!)

There you go my friend.

11-09-06, 11:11 AM
nay to conroe, yay to kentsfield :p

11-09-06, 11:25 AM
add in 4GB of memory. i hear Vista is memory hungry so it should futureproof him.

11-09-06, 12:14 PM
When will the qx6700's start retailing? 4gb of ram is a given as is 680i.

11-09-06, 01:05 PM
Qx6700 (Kent)
680i board of choice
4GB DDR 800 (or higher)
At least 1 8800GTX (let him decide on the second)
Might seek other opinions on the sound card. If he is REALLY doing A/V editing he might want a more specialized card than an X-Fi.
Maybe some sort of video capture card/HD TV tuner???
Ask him if he is going to get into HDDVD/Blue Ray. (I suggest not, but whatever) and find an appropriate burner.
24" + Widescreen
Speakers ... again, it depends on what he is REALLY doing with the system. Studio quality monitors might be a better idea than say a 5500 answer if he is going with a specialized audio card.

Anywho, when its all said and done, get some decent cooling an OC the bastard then charge him 1 8800GTX for your services. :D

11-09-06, 01:31 PM
add in 4GB of memory. i hear Vista is memory hungry so it should futureproof him.
Sure 4GB will be great for Vista, but its not that Vista is a memory hog!

from what I have read, and seen on my on Vista 64bit installation, is that Vista handels the memory alot differently than in XP. Sure if you boot into Vista, check the task manager, you will see more memory being used than in XP, but as soon as you need your memory for program, Vista will release memory if and when needed.
A good example of the difference, is the search feature in Vista. As soon as you start typing a word, every file on your pc that runs with what is typed, is displayed, and I mean with each tap of a letter its that fast! I think that everyone here that uses Vista will comment on how fast it is......just not in games yet, waiting on the next Vista driver.
The only thing holding me back from using only Vista, are the sound and video 64bit drivers.

11-09-06, 04:02 PM
Wow, be sure to let us know what you actually purchase. This will be one awesome machine.

11-09-06, 04:51 PM
Get him 8800GTX SLI and a Dell 30" display (or Apple Cinema for that matter).

11-09-06, 06:30 PM
Yeah. I'll keep everyone posted. He's been a family friend for a long time and he's done alot to help my wife and I since we married and I've been in school. He will be paying me and he's not shy with his money so...(nana2)

Oh yeah, and with what I've picked out so far on newegg my total is over $5000. If he goes with all this I'm gunna have to some "extra" benchmarking if you know what I mean.

11-10-06, 02:37 AM
Build it and run away :p.

11-10-06, 03:47 AM
4GB -- so it should futureproof him

There's no such thing... 640 KiB should be enough for everyone.

11-10-06, 11:45 AM
double post

11-10-06, 11:49 AM
I'm going to throw my two cents out thats different.

Remember, this is his computer and he's using and will have to support(or get someone to support it)

With alot of digital media editing and photoshop, it may be worth getting a big and fast fault tolerant hotswapping RAID setup for him. That way, he won't really have to worry about speed, and probably most importantly, backing up his important family vids and pics.

Along those lines, a good UPS.

Next, with digital media and photo editing, make him consider the actual software.. If he wants to dive deep into it, the software costs can be significant, and they may have specific requirements.. He may actually decide to get a quad core Mac with final cut pro and stuff if thats what he really wants.

Along these, lines, Quad core and 4 gigs of ram would definitely be used.

Of course a 8800GTX (if he choses PC route) and a 30" display would be awesome too.

Another thing to consider, more for him. Who's going to support this $5k+ machine? You? It might make you both happier to just config and buy it from a reputable builder with a good support.