View Full Version : Any NvRAID drivers for Vista x83?

11-10-06, 03:22 AM
Does anyone know where I can get drivers for the Nvidia SATA RAID built onto the Nforce4 chipsets?

I'm running an Asus A8N-E and have a Striped RAID 0 array for my primary, usualy make a driver disc for XP with drivers on it which I then have to load just after I boot from CD to install windows, otherwise it cannot read/install to the drive correctly.

I've tried the XP versions of these drivers and Vista wont load them, it also cannot upgrade from XP properly.

I'm running Vista RC2 at the moment but will be getting a full copy of vista as soon as the coporate editions are out, thanks in advance for any help with this!


Also the drivers need to be installable from a disk/CD, I can't be doing with zip or exe packages what I need is all the .sys and .inf files that vista will need, unless I can manually extract these files in which case I will also need a list of which files it actually needs.


I've just found the driver package on Nzone, the RC1 doesn't contain NvRAID drivers but the old beta 2 version does, do you think it's worth giving these a shot with RC2? I can't see them failing but I don't want to waste another several hours with this tonight, cheers!

Electronic Punk
11-10-06, 06:34 AM
It doesn't have something built in?

11-10-06, 07:18 AM
No it doesn't come with the necessary RAID drivers, you have to supply them on disk or CD/DVD before you begin the install.

Electronic Punk
11-12-06, 06:32 PM
Ok so I installed Vista the other day and floppy disk / USB was not required to recognise my two nforce4 (AMD) raid arrays.

Very nice indeed! :D