View Full Version : Question about guild wars

11-10-06, 05:59 PM
Hi, since I'm still waiting for NWN2 to be patched, I've decided to go get Nightfall tomorrow. My question is, am I going to miss anything in Nightfall by not having the other 2 expansions (skills, playable classes, etc)?

Mr. Hunt
11-10-06, 09:16 PM
Well the first game had the 6 "core" classes... Ranger, Monk, Mesmer, Warrior, Necromancer, and Elementalist... these are available with EVERY pack and the original... Factions gave the Assassin and Ritualist, ONLY available to those with Factions, and Nightfall gives Paragon and Dervish, only available to Nightfall, but with both you still get the original 6 "core" classes.

And yes, there are certain skills that are Prophecies (first one) only, Factions only, and Nightfall only, and there are also core skills, available to ALL packs.