View Full Version : BIOS file for 7900GT from eVGA tech Mario

11-12-06, 12:59 AM
A few months ago, owners of eVGA 7900GTs were posting with reports of their funs running at full speed all the time, no matter what their bios and RivaTuner said. A tech who worked for eVGA (named Mario) created a bios update that would fix this. Here is the original thread: http://www.evga.com/community/messageboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14782&whichpage=1

Now, I recently had to RMA my 7900GT, and while the new card works like a charm, the fan does NOT slow down when in 2D mode. I thought I could live with it, but it's really driving me nuts when I'm just typing or reading. Now, I've found out that Mario no longer works for eVGA, and I was in contact with another eVGA tech and one of their forum moderators who were trying to get me the bios file.

I haven't heard from either of them for a while now and so I turn to you fellas, does anyone have the bios files for the 7900 GT CO (model N563) that Mario was sending out? I've tried the bios files at mvktech.net, and they haven't helped, especially when you consider that the Rev. 03 bios there is actually just the Rev. 01 bios mislabeled. Am currently running the Rev. 02 bios to no effect.

11-12-06, 01:04 AM
PM jAkUp.

11-12-06, 01:18 AM
hah, I was thinking about doing that but didn't want to bother the guy, buuut since someone agrees it's a good idea, I think i'll do just that :).