View Full Version : WTT: X800GTO˛ for anything higher end

11-12-06, 08:48 AM
Looking to trade my X800GTO˛ for ANY card higher than it (X18/X19xx or 78/79xx cards).


My X800GTO˛ comes with the retail box, software, manual, cables, stock cooler and the ATi Silencer 5 Rev 2.

My X800GTO˛ performs like a X800XL at stock speeds but can overclock to X850XT speeds (520/540). Results may vary so I will not guarantee your success in overclocking due to different cooling systems and temperatures. YMMV!

I am not looking to sell this card at the time being.

FYI - I will only pay with Money Order and you will be shipping to Canada.

Heatware is Dark-Colonel (42-0-0), please PM me, add me to aim ( majordarkcolonel ), add me to msn ( fourthbob@hotmail.com ) or email me at ( fourthbob@rogers.com )

11-13-06, 10:01 PM