View Full Version : 7600 GS AGP restarting computer

11-12-06, 01:08 PM
I've swapped my old video card for a new PNY 7600 GS AGP. The problem is when I go to play a game, it restarts the computer. It also, restarts or freezes when I try to access the nVidia control panel. I was thinking it was a PSU issue. I've got 350W. Any help you be much appreciated.

11-14-06, 12:36 PM
Might be does yours require a power cord and if so make sure its not sharing power with anything else. Mine only requires a 300 watt PSU but it doesn't require external power. I using a 400 watt PSU. Is their a way you can try out the card in anther pc to rule out the card being defective. Could also be a over heating problem.