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11-12-06, 04:42 PM
Hey, i know there are dozens of these threads already =/
I'm upgrading for vistaand i have tons of questions

So anyways, i was thinking of doing X2 4800+, but kinda thinking ill go woth a core 2 duo 6400. They will both be about the same price, conroe might be abit more depending on which mobo.
I also want to upgrade to G80. I've had nothing but good with eVGA, so i'd to go with them, if not them then XFX. Most likely an 8800, probably GTS. Will it fit my Antec P-160WF? Has anybody tried? I'm willing to mod the hardrive placement somehow.

For RAM, I'm not too sure what i need. Wan't some good quality obviously, 2x1gb, and something that will allow just a bit of OC'ing, i seriously do not need the best ram in the world.

I'll need a new ATX motherboard as well, not sure which are the goods one for conroe. I think i want SLi, just for the future. I don't need one of those "best oc'er" boards. I'm gonna OC probably .4ghz at the MAX. Just something stable, SLi, somewhat of an overclocker, and something that will run compatible with whatever RAM i get.

For the PSU, i plan on getting a OCZ GameXStream 600W SLi, would this run okay with two G80's? If not, could list something that is probably below $140
I dont run a lot of lights or accesories and stuff, mostly basic.

Already got my mouse, keyboard, sound card, one of the hardrives (will buy a second seagate 120gb+ sata) headset, and a case.

So ill need:
Mobo that works with a new Conroe 6400

Thank you very much for any help. I'm not buying this right away, im willing to wait a few months if the prices will drop or newer things come out. I really don't want to spend over $1000 if possible by the time prices drop, cuz i wanna buy that monitor as well.

EDIT: Any word on the 7900's being used as physics cards? I wouldn't mind that if it would really help, otherwise ill sell my gpu

11-12-06, 06:06 PM
i see that the PSU i mentioned will not work for 8800 sli, well GTX at least, forgot how power hungry they are, feel free to list something that will be sufficient, but not SUPER costly.

i think ill have a bigger budget than i thought

im selling a lot of pc hardware, including a few graphics cards, 2GB+ of ram, 2 processors, power supplies, motherboards, etc. and then ill get money from my upcoming b-day and christmas (no credit card yet)