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11-13-06, 09:16 AM
Hi all,

I have a strange problem with my 8800GTX (Point of View). After a few minutes of playing WoW (only WoW?) I see artefacts and the screen goes to black for a few seconds. Now, when I turn the monitor off and on again, the artefacts+black-screen problems are gone.

A friend of mine has bought his 8800GTS on the same day and is experiencing the same problems. He doesn`t even need to play WoW, it will just happen on the desktop for him (Screen goes to black/artefacts).

We're thinking it might just be a driver problem. Anyone else experiencing issues like that?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english :)

PS: The 8800gtx is on a 700W PSU and the 8800GTS on a 650W PSU

11-13-06, 09:20 AM
Do you guys have the same monitor?

11-13-06, 09:31 AM
Yea we both have a Samsung Syncmaster :)

11-13-06, 09:37 AM
...I see artefacts and the screen goes to black for a few seconds. Now, when I turn the monitor off and on again, the artefacts+black-screen problems are gone.

Thats the key right there. If turning off the monitor fixes it, then its the monitor, not the video card.

11-13-06, 09:44 AM
But we weren't haveing these issues with another gfx-card (7800gtx) :(

11-14-06, 01:36 AM
shameless bump. any other ideas? :(

11-14-06, 01:38 AM
shameless bump. any other ideas? :(

have you looked for newer monitor drivers or firmware updates for the monitor?

11-14-06, 01:54 AM
shameless bump. any other ideas? :(

You could try to get a screen capture. If its a video card issue you might be able to catch the artifacts in a screen shot, if its monitor related you won't be able to capture it.

I did have an issue with my GTX when I first go it where my games would get all garbled up right after loading. I reinstalled the driver and it was fixed.

11-14-06, 01:58 AM
Ok good idea. Will try that once i get home from work :)

Thanks for the help.

Spartan 117
11-14-06, 02:10 AM
any luck yet????

11-14-06, 03:52 AM
The video cards should work with any monitor. Are you using DVi or analog? Maybe an issue with analog?

11-14-06, 06:01 AM
We're both using DVI.

I'm still stuck at work, but my friend is already beta-testing it with SyncMaster drivers installed and so far it seems to work (he only tested for 5 minutes tho). Will report back once I get home, but it's looking good.

Thanks for the help guys!

11-14-06, 09:38 AM
Which model?
I have a SyncMaster 931BF (digital)
No problems here with a GTS. Lots of people do seem to be having driver issues tho.

11-14-06, 11:47 AM
It's a SyncMaster 204b.

Anyway, I just tried Oblivion with Monitor-Drivers installed and still have the problem with the artefacts.

Once I turn the monitor off and back on, they're gone tho. Isn't that kinda strange?


11-14-06, 02:54 PM
Did you guys get your cards pre-launch (before the 8th) or post launch (8th or after)? If before, or maybe even after, you may have recieved the cards with the defective resistor. I know EVGA fixed all of thiers prior to launch, but I'm not sure about other companies...

11-14-06, 03:42 PM
I upgraded from a 6600 to a bfg 8800GTS.
My frame rate in wow used to be 100fps in uncrowded areas with the 6600
now its only 64fps

Only thing I changed was the video card.
I made sure to set the drivers to the same options and same ingame video options.

The 8800 scores 9,000 in 3D mark 06 where the 6600 used to score about 2500.

Strange stuff but I guess its a driver issue.

11-14-06, 05:24 PM
I thought only the GTX cards were affected by the defect resistor (remember my friend uses a GTS).

Or is it possible that the GTS might have the defect resistor too?