View Full Version : And for Linux / PPC ?

02-26-03, 03:02 PM
Hi everyone !

NVidia drivers under Linux for everyone :

drivers for x86, Athlon, more recently
drivers for FreeBSD.

And for Linux under Power PC ?

Sorry, but I wanted to buy a new 17" Titanium, but because it's not possible to
have a driver under Linux, don't care, I'll buy some x86 with an ATI chipset...

Mister NVidia, ouhouh ?
Do you hear me ?

Thanks a lot for doing nothing

eric b

03-02-03, 10:27 AM
Don't know about 3D support, but there is a new Xfree86 out, that has improved support for GF cards.

02-26-04, 11:43 PM
I'd like to see what people (especially nVidia developers) think about this: