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11-16-06, 09:28 PM
I just got a new LG 1970 monitor and was wondering which is better.......digital signal at 60hz refresh or analog at 75 hz? It has no option to go higher with the digital signal and 75hz is the highest available with the analog signal. I am running a GeForce 7800gs agp video card with the latest drivers for both card and monitor.


PS I have been lurking here for at least 2 years but never had a question that I couldn't find the answer for. Great site.:)

11-16-06, 09:33 PM
I don't mean to hijack this thread but I have a question also and figured I would post it in here instead of making a new thread.

What is the difference between digital and analog? How do I know if ym video card can do one or the other?


11-16-06, 09:50 PM
I'm fairly sure LCD refresh rates aren't the same as CRT refresh rates. I may just be talking out of my ass, but I'd say that DVI @60 is better than D-SUB @75. I'd wait for somebody more in the know on LCD's to respond if I was you, but that's just my two cents.

11-18-06, 12:58 PM
Anyone else?

Bearclaw......you could check your vid card manual or just look at the back of the case and see if the card has an additional plug on it. The digital connection is larger and has more pins than the VGA one does.

11-18-06, 03:15 PM
I'd stick with the digital, which is how I have it with my lcd. The refresh rates between lcds and crts are different. I believe the difference is that on a crt, the image is constantly refreshing itself at whatever rate you pick. On a lcd, the image only refreshes if the image changes.