View Full Version : How to Oc Qx6700 a little??

11-18-06, 06:57 AM
Hi guys

Just finished building my 680i, Qx6700, 7950GX2 and dominator PC2-6400 system :captnkill:

I would like to know how to push the quad core to 3 gigs, i have never Ocd before and am unsure on alot of the settings within the 680i bios.

Using tuniq tower in a P900 case, (tight fit :P)
Cheers for any assisatnce

11-18-06, 07:19 AM
With the core2 processors i have hear the quad core can overclock to 3.33GHz with stock volatge with a FSB of 333MHz up from 266MHz. I am waiting to get this processor and board myself. Can't really guide you as i am not sure about SLi EPP.