View Full Version : running a Conroe2 and a 680i motherboard

11-20-06, 07:05 PM
I know it says it will use up to 8 gigs but when running XP pro,will it use over 2 gigs of ram or is it still limited do to the operating system,will I have to wait for Vista before over 2gigs really counts.

11-20-06, 07:15 PM
XP 32-bit is limited to 3GB (physical) memory, but XP64 is at least twice that much IIRC. Im not sure how it is with Vista (32-bit) though.

Spartan 117
11-20-06, 10:33 PM
I thought it was 2 gigs :confused:

11-20-06, 11:41 PM
Being a 32-bit operating system it's limited to 4GB total, so you'd have to disable the page file if you wanted 4GB physical RAM.

11-21-06, 12:19 AM
If you have a full 4 or 8 like your motherboard can hold and your runnign vista then it will only show 2.75 (right?) I hear that a lot. But like he said above, if you disable the page file then you will see 4. Although the pagefile will now use your physica;l ram.

11-23-06, 10:04 PM
On the AUSU A8N SLI Premium you can set remap your memory over 4gigs and the bios will show all the memory you have installed,but the Computer properties page will just say 2.75gigs ,but I thought That was because of the nforce4 and amd was just limmited to that amount,I thought with a new 680i motherboard with a new chipset and running a Intel conroe it might be different.