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11-21-06, 11:45 PM
So sold my 7900GTs and made the move to an EVGA 8800GTX. Lots of people here with newer rigs and either SLI or single cards but not too many with older S939s so figure I would post my findings/results for others contemplating the move.

First of all as you probably already know the card is friggin massive. On the A8N SLI it partially covers the chipset fan and extends clear across the PCB. Thankfully I only had to temporarily unplug my HDD cable to seat the beast.

I had to remove the SLI/SINGLE card from its slot. For some reason having this in was disabling the 8800 from displaying on my monitor. Removing the card fixed the issue. AFAIK there are no detrimental effects to having this card out for a single card configuration as I believe that is the default.

I had ran a few benchmarks at max setting on my 1280x1024 19" monitor (can't wait to try this on my 50" or 42" tvs 1920x1080 /drool) on my 7900GTs in Sli and then again with the 8800GTX single card. Here are the results:

Far Cry 1280x1024 AA8X/AF8X MAX ALL

7900GT SLI -> 65FPS
8800GTX -> 117FPS

Oblivion 1280x1024 Foliage Area no Npcs HDR MAX ALL

7900GT SLI -> 31FPS
8800GTX -> 55FPS

NWN2 1280x1024 Outdoor with Water NPCS MAX ALL

7900GT SLI -> 17FPS
8800GTX -> 32FPS

Keep in mind NWN2 is without the upcoming optimization heavy patch so hoping for even better results soon on that game.

All in all if you have a 7900GT SLI rig on an older S939 system and are wondering about this upgrade...DO IT! ;)

You can always get another 8800gtx in 6 months time when they are cheaper and do a Conroe SLI rig at that time. Based on what I have read I am only getting a few fps slower than a 6600 and the higher I go on resolution the more GPU dependant and the gap narrows more.

11-22-06, 05:27 PM
Thanks for sharing your results.

11-22-06, 05:34 PM
Well i am upgrading from a 7800GTX which is like the 7900GT an't it so i looking forward to that :) No more waiting for SLi profiles.... yay.

11-22-06, 06:16 PM
Ya I have to admit that not having to deal with SLI profiles is very nice...although now Im reading posts about 8800gtx sli configs and starting to contemplate a 2nd! ;)

Must restrain myself... hehe

11-22-06, 06:59 PM
I'll grab a second card when I actually run across a must-have game that is dog slow no matter what I do, provided SLI is proven to fix it. I don't game higher than 1900x1200 for now anyway.