View Full Version : Changing PSU fans

11-22-06, 04:42 PM
Hey all
I have a Hiper Type-R PSU 530W and have just realised it could be a great idea to actually change the fans inside, since at least one of them has a lot of noise coming from it, the less preferable buzzing noise too. It's basically rendered my quest for silencing (replaced all other fans with silent ones) useless since the noise is so noticable.

Then I thought, is it risky? I mean PSUs make a lot of heat so I was thinking not all fans would handle it? I currently have a spare 120mm Akasa Amber and 120mm Coolermaster Blue LED fan (came with my case). I'd have to consider airflow too.

Need some opinions on this please

Edit: It turns out the noise is coming from my old secondary HDD, and the PSU fans are barely audible :O Looks like I need to buy a new HDD :/