View Full Version : Question about the 97.27 Foreceware Vista Drivers, Geforce 7600GS OC

11-23-06, 01:13 AM
My main issue here is definitely framerates. I'm playing all of my games significantly less quality and fps results simply because of the XP > Vista migration. Games like Unreal Tournament, Splinter Cell Double Agent, Counter Strike Source, BF2142, etc have a substancially less fps and generally feels very choppy. I've been trying to figure out the problem and i thought it was just Vista compliant drivers for my card (read below) but it turns out that wasn't it either. I've been browsing around the forums for quite some time now, in hopes to find what I was looking for to solve my graphical predicaments.

I'm using a BFG Geforce 7600 GS OC 512mb AGP, Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit RTM, and it has the DirectX10 stock drivers obviously. I've tried the 97.27 forceware drivers, with modded inf and a few other builds before that. It seems these updated forceware drivers didn't solve my problem. The only thing i can think of is DirectX10 not being compliant with some of these games.

I guess my question is, is there some ideal driver for my card/setup that I should be using, or would it be safe to use a generic DirectX rollback utility to obtain DirectX 9.0c and hope that will solve my problem, because most of my games are unplayable in Vista.

Also as a little side problem, whenever i try to launch my control panel for nvidia (the old one, thats in Display Settings) it crashes because of some NVCPL Application Error in rundll32. This is a barrier for me mainly because I can't overclock my card in the new Control Panel, it states i dont have a nforce2 compliant video card, but this card should be overclockable through nvidia settings. Am i missing something? is my card even overclockable?

Any comments/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks - i love the forums and i hope someone can help me out.

11-23-06, 02:42 AM
Unfortunately this is just how it is at the moment. Not only are FPS horrible under 97.27 or any other Nvidia Vista driver, the CP has barebones functionality, and Vista gaming just isnt worth it now. I have been waiting for a good driver from nVidia since Beta 2, but they have yet to release one that even remotely rivals XP. Only time will tell how long we have to play the waiting game, I just hope it isnt until January 30th :thumbdwn: