View Full Version : Any One Else have there Sound Blaster X-Fi go bad

11-23-06, 09:39 PM
I kept getting blue screens and I thought it was just because I was overclocking to high ,I kept turning it down until I just fineally set it at default,then I got to noticeing static in my speakersand then I heard nothing from my speakers,I had never had a sound card go bad ,so I thought it was my Logitech Z5300e speakers amp went out ,but I tried a different set and it still did'nt work ,I uninstall the drivers and reinstalled them thinking that would fix it ,but it did'nt ,the sound card was just dead,so I loaded up my motherboard sound drivers and then everthing was working fine .that procsessor on the sound card must get hotting then I think because where it was located ,it was butted right against my video card and I know it could'nt be getting much air ,I think I will put a fan on my next one just in case that was what killed it.

11-23-06, 09:46 PM
Mine is still working well. Been about 6 months with no problems. I would imagine like all electrical equipment they do not like heat and video cards do put out a lot of heat.

11-25-06, 01:31 PM
Yup, mine just went kaput one day, wouldn't recognise in windows, got the card rma'd new one runs cooler and has a different layout as well.