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11-23-06, 11:19 PM
I don't think I need an explanation for this one :)

I am selling my EVGA 7950GX2. I am only selling one card for now, as my girly is using the secondary one temporarily. I do not have any accessories, just the card.

In great condition, both PCB's flashed to the absolute latest BIOS with custom clockspeeds of 560MHz/1.5GHz. Also, I would prefer not to flash back to the stock BIOS as it is quite difficult to flash these cards, as each card requires 2 BIOS flashes.

I used this card for months and it works perfectly.

Price... $300.
Heatware- jAkUp

Paypal only, and I prefer to ship to U.S.!


11-23-06, 11:35 PM
wow... I might know someone who would want this... :D

11-25-06, 11:19 AM
nevermind. *Bump*

11-25-06, 04:02 PM
PM sent!!

11-25-06, 07:08 PM
I wish... if only I had the money to buy it :(

with buying my eVGA 680i and other parts...

I couldn't afford getting it, since I am getting Vista Ultimate sent to me when it comes out.... all I can afford is a DX10 card someday...

*BUMP* for a good guy though :D

if you every need to make one disappear of your hands... I am your guy lol

11-25-06, 07:34 PM
Bump for a good guy and one hella deal.

11-26-06, 12:48 AM
Pending sale :D Thanks for the nice feedback!

01-13-07, 11:35 PM
OK Guys, I have one more of these cards available. Same as above :D

01-14-07, 01:52 AM
does nt this need an sli motherboard?

01-14-07, 04:13 AM
For one card you only need a regular MOBO, but once you get two you need an SLi mobo.

01-14-07, 07:21 AM
jAkUp - I'll take this one for my brother, Other one I got from you is running flawlessly cheers. Will send you pm.

01-14-07, 03:00 PM
sold :)