View Full Version : Multiple desktops on multiple monitors - doesn't seem to work right (Forceware 93.71)

11-24-06, 11:39 AM
I have recently added a second monitor to my setup, and have encountered some issues with the nView multiple desktops feature.

I would appreciate it if anyone who has dual monitors would be willing to check if this issue occurs for them too.

Setup is as follows:

Quadro XGL 900, Windows XP SP2, Forceware 93.71
Monitor 1: 21" 1600x1200
Monitor 2: 19" 1280x1024
Dualview mode

nView Desktop Manager enabled
Multiple desktops enabled
In multiple desktop options, the following options are checked

Show desktops in Windows Explorer
Show active desktop in the Windows taskbar notification area
Allow desktops to use different resolutions
Allow displays to show different desktops

Each desktop is assigned a different background wallpaper.

Now the problem...
When I change desktops with the Windows Explorer feature, the desktop background on both monitors changes, but the application windows are not affected.
Conversely, when I change desktop for a specified monitor with the taskbar icon, the application windows on that monitor switch as expected, but the desktop background does not change.

One other point, a feature request for a future version of the nView Desktop manager - extend the taskbar across the second monitor to contain the tasks displayed on that window.