View Full Version : 'Enemy Territory: Quake Wars' Beta-Test News On Monday?

11-24-06, 05:49 PM
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars pits the armies of Earth against the invading alien Strogg in the ultimate online strategic shooter. Featuring strategic team play, persistent character promotions, day and nighttime combat missions, and the universe's most powerful weapons and vehicles. Activision has launched a ET: QW betatest website, promising more details coming Monday, November 27, 2006. http://www.enemyterritory.com/betatest/wp-register.php


11-24-06, 05:54 PM
Hopefully it will be for Fileplanet Subscribers. :)

11-24-06, 06:16 PM
I hope so :D At the launch event they said a beta test is coming soon... :D

11-24-06, 06:48 PM
i dont have a fileplanet membership, but i hope i can test it too :D

11-24-06, 08:46 PM

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11-24-06, 10:09 PM
Cool, I hope this is true & we get a beta test soon. I really want to see how this will run on my system.


11-24-06, 10:21 PM

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Monday. I can't believe I beat Jakup to this.

11-24-06, 10:54 PM
Monday. I can't believe I beat Jakup to this.

Haha yea I was beat :D Can't wait, too bad they couldn't deliver before Thanksgiving, oh well :)

11-24-06, 11:27 PM
God i want it so bad..ill get it someway for sure -.-..hopefully some local AUS servers from GA will be up :D

11-25-06, 10:52 AM
I antecipate the biggest letdown ever ... I just have this gut feeling..

11-25-06, 11:28 AM
You know, you could be onto something.

I usually try my best to not overhype games, especially to myself to avoid dissapointment, but I've been looking at and anticipating Quake Wars to such an extent it would be pretty hard for them just to reach my expectations. Anyone else feel the same way?

As for the beta, I'll do whatever it takes to get in on it :D

11-25-06, 11:50 AM
I dunno, at all the events its a pretty big hit. Like Quakecon, and E3.

11-25-06, 12:02 PM
best... game... ever

11-25-06, 01:50 PM
I'm still really, really hopeful about this one. If it's FilePlanet exclusive I'll be quite angry. I refuse to pay to test incomplete games. Isn't that whole concept a little backwards?

11-25-06, 02:07 PM
This is one of those games that will most likely be a success but I don't know if I'll like it or not. I definitely want to get into the beta though so I can find out.

I didn't like the previous ET at all, but this looks different enough that I'll give it a shot.

11-27-06, 11:36 AM
Nothing yet :(

11-27-06, 12:13 PM
Yep, I'm spam refreshing both the quake wars page and fileplanet :)

11-27-06, 05:54 PM
Well it's Monday, and that beta test page isn't even there anymore. :(

11-27-06, 07:05 PM

11-27-06, 11:13 PM
They blue-balled us :(

11-28-06, 05:31 AM
whole page now 404

11-28-06, 05:48 AM
Yep, I'm spam refreshing both the quake wars page
I suspect you werent the only one, and thats why they took it down..
I just read on a swedish site that Activision claim the Beta test was a missunderstanding and a rumor..
Something about a unfinished part of the webpage and whatnot..