View Full Version : Soyo NF2 - am I dreaming?

02-28-03, 11:29 PM
My current system taht I built sometime around last christmas is using a Soyo Dragon K7V (Via KT266), which was (I think) the first of the Dragon line. It's black. It's been a great little mobo, couldn't be happier with it - I'm not all that big on overclocking, and at stock speeds it runs everything just gravy. Soyo now has a KT400 version of the Dragon, in beautiful beautiful silver PCB. I saw it at Fry's, and it's quite possibly the most gorgeous mobo I have ever seen in my life. :D

Anyway, as soon as I scrape up a couple grand, most likely later in the summer, I'm going to be building a new system. And I want something that not only performs great, but is also drop dead gorgeous. After having read tons of reviews and comparisons, I'm definitely leaning towards the NForce2 chipset (unless of course something better comes out by the time I actually have the cash to start buying components). However, with the exception of the black Chaintech, there really aren't many options as far as PCB colors go for this chipset... most are just plain boring old yellow or green. There is the red MSI one, but I'm not all that into red... Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places... at any rate, chaintech and msi are the only ones I've ever found that vary from green/yellow.

So my question is, has anyone heard/read/created any rumors that maybe possibly Soyo will make an NF2-based motherboard any time soon? Or, barring that, are there going to be any more color options from other manufacturers? I would LOVE to find a silver NF2 board, or maybe a blue one or something... Just SOMETHING to separate it from your typical boring boards.

Is this any possibility at all? Or am I just going to have to make the pretty-versus-fast decision flat out and pick one or the other? So far, the Dragon KT400 is my definite pretty choice, and most likely the Epox 8RDA+ would be my fast choice. It'd just be all kinds of nice if I could have my cake and eat it too, ya know... ;)


03-01-03, 03:59 PM
But who knows? I have not see any info on Soyo making an NForce2 mobo. They don't list anything Nvidia on their website (That I can see unless I missed something).

But maybe they'll make a KT400A chipset mobo if VIA is still going to put that out (Which hopefully they do but I have not heard squat on the subject lately) :rolleyes: