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11-26-06, 10:20 AM
anyone playing this experiancing hangups when the game loads in the envroment?

i keep getting 10 second pauses every 100 yards. is anyone running this game smooth, and if so what are you running at

11-26-06, 11:17 AM
Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz
2GB DDR2 800MHz
GeForce 7950GT 512MB
250GB Samsung SATA HDD
Virtual Memory: System Managed Size
Graphics settings @ custom maximum + INI enchancements
No ge3.ini performance tweaks (i.e. no cache tweaks or anything else)
More comp details here (http://personal.inet.fi/atk/kjh2348fs/sd_comp.html)

I bought that comp purely for Gothic 3 and the game runs great @ 1600x1200 on maximum details (minus Depth Of Field) + INI enchancements: 3x grass distance, lowpoly rendering disabled etc.. Large towns bring down the frame rate to ~20's.

Gothic 3's Genome engine uses the hard drive to stream data/new content and there's some little hitches and sometimes bigger ones but nothing major. I'm happy with the performance.

11-26-06, 11:17 AM
I'm running a 7950 GTX and I get slight pauses but nothing like 10 seconds. So far I have let the game select the settings. Running 1680x1050.

11-26-06, 02:25 PM
I've got Athlon XP 2.4+
6800 GT (91.47 I think)

My game runs.....alright....with the downloading fix from here:

but with Slamdunk's system (I want) try this link first:

11-27-06, 04:51 AM
iam only running the demo (maybe thats my problem?)
and i run completely smooth up until it has to load the next area in then it stops and pauses for about 5 seconds. then iam good again until i have to go into another area

i guess i'll be passing on this game i shouldnt have to ini tweak a game out of the box just to get it to run decently

it's not like iam running on outdated hardware

11-27-06, 06:29 AM
What kind of a comp you have then? I have not needed to use INI performance tweaking with my PC. With maximum detail settings it runs good enough so that I can even increase the detail by editing the INI.